Theme : Exploring the Latest Research Trends in Genetics and Genetic Engineering

Welcome to Genetics-2018

Welcome to the International Conference on Genetics and Genetic Engineering.  

Genetic engineering also called genetic modification or genetic manipulation is the direct manipulation of an organism's genes using biotechnology. It is a set of technologies used to change the genetic makeup of cells including the transfer of genes within and across species boundaries to produce improved or novel organisms. New DNA is obtained by either isolating or copying the genetic material of interest using recombinant DNA methods or by artificially synthesizing the DNA. An organism that is generated through genetic engineering that organism is known as genetically modified organism (GMO). Genetic engineering has been applied in numerous fields including research, medicine, industrial biotechnology and agriculture. In research GMOs are used to study gene function and expression through loss of function, gain of function, tracking and expression experiments. By knocking out genes responsible for certain conditions it is possible to create animal model organisms of human diseases. Apart from producing hormones, vaccines and other drugs genetic engineering can cure genetic diseases through gene therapy.

This conference further discusses new trends, new discoveries, new approaches and the advance technologies in Genetics and Genetic Engineering. What are the advanced developments in Genetics and Genetic Engineering and how it helps benefitting humans globally? There will be discussions, debates, lectures, live-wire interactions, keynote addresses, plenary talks, poster sessions, workshops and symposia etc. You can learn more about Genetics and Genetic Engineering. This Conference is aimed at enhancing your knowledge further which we are sure is going to help you in your profession and career.    

Why to Attend?

International Conference on Genetics and Genetic Engineering being held in London, from 1st to 3rd of April 2019 is a forum

  • To explore, study, understand, discuss and gain insights into the developments, drawbacks, bottlenecks, status and issues in Genetics and Genetic Engineering.
  •  To discuss about the technological advancements, the research and development, new trends and approaches in treating Genetics and Genetic Engineering.
  •  To learn how far policies and regulatory issues in Genetics and Genetic Engineering has ensured the well-being and good health of the people.  
  •  To know whether benefits in Genetics and Genetic Engineering can be personalized and to what extent are going to be addressed threadbare in this Conference.   
  • To know what more needs to be done in Genetics and Genetic Engineering, its research benefits reaching every single human being across the nations.  

All these high flung activities revolve around one subject: How Genetics and Genetic Engineering can at best be utilized to benefit the scientific community and the people in general.

And by participating in this Conference, participants have an advantage of meeting renowned speakers of international stature, and by discussing, debating, networking, and sharing, participants shall benefit a lot by gaining insights into their respective profession falling under Genetics and Genetic Engineering.



This International Conference on Genetics and Genetic Engineering provides wonderful opportunities to all the participants to share their knowledge, skills, expertise, experience, research notes, case studies, database in Genetics and Genetic Engineering through networking and interacting.     

  • You will gain a lot by attending this Conference on Genetics and Genetic Engineering as this is going to be a livewire event with lively debates, discussions, workshops, brain storming sessions, sharing knowledge & experience, keynote addresses by renowned speakers, sharing research findings, power point presentations, posters and video presentations.  
  • You will learn what technological advancements were made in Genetics and Genetic Engineering.  
  • You will benefit by learning how those technological advances influence your profession and your career-life.
  • As it is said "Information is Power"; being equipped with information in your service sector makes you more knowledgeable, more skilled and well-informed; and puts you one notch above your peers in your career-life.


Thus Scientific Tree believes and advices all the people whose career lives are intertwined with Genetics and Genetic Engineering, the research, the innovations, the technological advancements, its allied studies to attend this Conference on Genetics and Genetic Engineering being held in London from 1st to 3rd of April 2019 and benefit a lot. 

Genetic engineers, molecular biologists, analytical researchers, biochemists, microbiologists, biotech professionals, bio-pharmacists, pharmacologists, pharmacy students, pharmacology professionals, pharmaceutical companies, research scholars, research laboratories, oncologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, neurologists, scientists, researchers, medical students, medical colleges, academicians, doctors, medical college professors, clinicians, surgeons, lab technicians, health practitioners, nurses, medical executives, hospitals and their staffs, clinical research organizations, laboratories, laboratory equipment manufacturers, healthcare personnel, data scientists, data analysts are welcome to participate in this noble Conference.